10 Reasons why you should contribute to Open-Source on GitHub today

10 Reasons why you should contribute to Open-Source on GitHub today


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Open-Source is a buzzword you'll either hear a lot about or not at all. If you're just starting out or even a professional, learning about open-source could open many doors for you. Not convinced? let's look at a few reasons -

It's free!

It doesn't cost you a dime to contribute to open-source. All you need is a computer (or a phone!), a working internet connection and some creativity. Got these? You're all set!

It'll help you land a job

If you're working regularly on an open-source codebase of a company, If you apply for a position there, you can specify that you understand their codebase and they can check your contributions. This is a great way to land a job.

Maybe perhaps the company will reach out to you with an offer before you ask them.

You make connections/do networking

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When you contribute to Open-Source, it'll not be perfect from the start. You'll make mistakes. However, people will give you helpful suggestions on how you can improve your contributions and you'll soon make connections with them.

You can follow people and see who is working on what, ask them questions or answer their questions. GitHub is more than hosting your code.

Code, No Code, and Low Code are all welcome

If you think people can only contribute code, think again! You can contribute to many projects that require better documentation or designs to make sense. You can help in several ways which are not limited to coding. Help someone design UI for their project, or improve README for them.

Some Organizations are actively looking for people who can translate their documentation into other languages, you will be making a repository more accessible to people.

It's inclusive

If you're a beginner, a professional or a hobbyist, you're welcome here. People don't judge you for where you're from or how old you are, all that matters is if you can provide value to them.

Learn new technologies

The amazing community of people here provide you with all the resources to learn any concept or programming language

Here are a few examples to show what I mean.

You get to help others

Perhaps, you're well versed in the art of computer programming, it's time to improve others' projects and help them grow. As you do so you'll not only practise your skills, you'll gain more friends and opportunities.

It helps showcase your work

You can feature your best repositories or something that you're passionate about at the top of your profile for everyone to see. You can also deploy websites on GitHub with a few clicks.

Mostly everything you do on Github is visible on your profile. Over time, it may look like this.

This will show how consistent you are with your work and the amount of work you've done to make your projects.

Get Noticed

If your projects get a lot of stars, they'll get featured on GitHub's Explore page. It's a great way to get noticed by people who are looking for the right person (probably you!)

Everyone is a winner.

From the points above, we can easily conclude that you can provide value to others while increasing your value at the same time. Everyone wins!

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