Fantastic Communities and where to find them

Fantastic Communities and where to find them

As a student pursuing any major, it's important to explore communities.


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Are you a seasoned developer or just breaking into tech? It's important to build relationships with like-minded individuals either way. Let's see how you can explore communities.

What IS a community?

A community (in the tech world at least) is a group of individuals from across the globe who are passionate about the same thing (usually a technology, language, framework etc.). These communities take the initiative to empower and help newcomers or spread awareness about their interests. They do this with the help of meetups and conferences, which bring together the best of the field in a single place to interact and learn. Some examples include Google Developer Groups or Friends with Figma. These communities often provide perks like Swags, prizes and job opportunities

My experience with communities

My experience with communities has been honestly pretty cool. I've met so many interesting and passionate people that I've lost count of them.

It is a thing with communities, you learn a lot from them and then you get to give back to them by interacting and spreading awareness.

Here's a list of all the events that I have ever attended - List of Events

Some of my experiences with enrolling into communities are given below.

Fantastic Communities

The cool thing about Tech is that if you can name a technology, it probably has a community somewhere. I live in Nagpur, India so my local communities include OrangeHacks, GDG/GDGC Nagpur, Friends of Figma Nagpur, TFUG Nagpur, ML Nagpur and so on.

Then there are online communities that defy the global borders and collaborate on a Global Level. These can be found as Discord Channels. One of them is:

Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking (MLH) is one of the biggest hacker communiities in the world and I cannot thank them enough for existing. They have helped people from across the world to break into tech through their various events like GHWs and weekly hackathons. Their impact is beyond measure.


EddieHub is an Open Source community aimed at encouraging and promoting communication, best practices and technical expertise in an inclusive and welcoming environment. They help beginners get into OpenSource. According to them-

Open Source should be Collaboration first, Code second.

I started contributing to OSS inspired by them, and you can too!

Why not to join a community

You must tempted to join a community to gain from them. But you have to remember that you should always give back to the community that has helped you prosper. Don't join a community -

  • Just for goodies

    Communities are about learning, networking, and sharing knowledge. If your primary focus is on material rewards, you may miss out on the real value of these communities, such as gaining new skills, insights, and friendships.

  • Because of FOMO

    Succumbing to FOMO by joining a community can lead to a lack of genuine engagement. When you join a community solely because others are doing it, you might lose interest in its activities soon.

  • Just to feel like you belong

    Merely being a passive member to feel like you belong may not lead to personal growth or meaningful connections. True belonging often comes from actively engaging with the community and its members.

  • To make money of it

    Consider that communities can offer opportunities for professional growth and networking, which can eventually lead to financial benefits. However, the primary motivation should be to learn, collaborate, and share knowledge rather than a quick monetary gain.


The world of tech communities is a vibrant and welcoming one, offering a wealth of opportunities for students and seasoned professionals alike. Whether you're seeking to learn, collaborate, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, there's a community out there for you.

Remember that communities are not just about taking but also giving back. As you explore these fantastic communities, keep in mind the importance of contributing, sharing knowledge, and fostering a spirit of collaboration.

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