My experience with Keploy API Fellowship

My experience with Keploy API Fellowship

Keploy API Fellowship is a two-week fellowship program that introduces learners to the world of APIs and API Testing.


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Late last year, I took the opportunity to partake in the Fellowship and for the last 2 weeks, I've been attending their sessions and learning all about APIs.

What is Keploy?

Keploy is an open-source end-to-end testing toolkit for developers that generates test cases and data mocks of API calls.

It converts API calls into test cases. Mocks/stubs are automatically generated with the actual requests/responses. It does so by recording your API calls and replaying them.

Keploy helps developers to focus on writing high-quality code, rather than spending time on repetitive testing tasks. This ultimately leads to faster and more efficient testing, resulting in higher-quality software.

All the sessions, summarized

The whole fellowship was divided into 6 sessions and had 2-3 days in between sessions to do related taskwork. Here's a little breakdown for each session.

Day 1 - Introduction to HTTPS and Basics of API

  • On the first day, I was given an overview of the flow of the program.

  • It was all theory describing the HTTPS Internet Protocol and why they're important.

  • Covered the basics of API as well.

  • Fellows were tasked with writing a blog on all our learnings during the session. I wrote this - The Acronym that lets you see the internet safely

Day 2 - Theoretical Aspect of APIs

  • This day covered the theoretical aspects of an API.

  • It covered SOAP and REST APIs and their differences, The parts of an API, and the types of requests.

  • Furthermore, we glanced over API security.

  • Again we were tasked with writing a blog on all our learnings during the session. I wrote this - The Ins and Outs of APIs

Day 3 - Making your first API call

  • I learned about public APIs.

  • I was shown how to use a public API on your website. WeatherAPI was used for this session. I learned about the kinds of responses we get with different API endpoints.

  • We were tasked with creating a website using any public API for this session. Here's what I came up with

Day 4 - Creating my API using Node.js

  • I learned basics about HTML, CSS, and javascript.

  • We built A REST API in Express and tested it using Postman.

  • It was a hands-on session and great to create it in the session duration.

  • We were tasked to make our Nodejs API - I built this

Day 5 - Using Go and Databases

  • I learned the use of Go in creating applications with an API.

  • A walkthrough was given for Go and I learned how to add Databases for the backend. We again used Postman for testing it.

  • The task was to add a database to our previously built app.

Day 6 - Keploy comes into the picture

  • In the last session, we were taught how to integrate the typescript module using Keploy and

  • We were taught about how Keploy works.

  • The task for this session was what you're reading now.

My Experience

The sessions were placed out fairly and there was a lot to learn in those two weeks. The DevRel Team with Animesh Pathak, Nishant Mishra, Hardik Kumar and Aniket Kumar were excellent in their respective sessions. They provided a basic understanding of topics and encouraged fellows to learn most of the stuff themselves. This allowed me to set goals for each task and helped me learn fast and better.

Join the party!

If you're interested in learning about APIs and give 2 weeks to this then you should try it. 10/10 would recommend it.

Here's the link to their website - Keploy API Fellowship

If you want to learn more about Keploy please check out Keploy Documentation.

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